Problem: You can't open any programs in Windows.

If the file extension .exe is broken on your computer, you are unable to open or run any programs. When you try to open any programs, you will see the window on the right, or see no response.

Free EXE Fix is a small download which will repair your file extension .exe, allowing you to once again open programs.

File Extension .EXE error dialog

Solution: Download and run Free EXE Fix

  • It is not an .exe file, so you will run with no problems
  • Free EXE Fix will take about a minute to download and fix your file extension .exe
File Extension EXE has been repaired

More information about File Extension .EXE

Certain viruses and malware will damage the file extension .exe on your computer in an effort to prevent you from removing the virus or malware. After your antivirus software has cleaned your computer, you are often still unable to open any programs.

Free EXE Fix utilizes the Windows Installer framework to repair your broken file extension .exe without the need to run a normal executable program. After running Free EXE Fix, this problem will be resolved, and you will be able to once again open programs normally.